Distribution Transformers

GTS manufactures a wide range of oil cooled distribution. The standard range is from 200 KVA to 5000 KVA with the highest primary voltage of 33KV. These are mostly 3 phase type , single phase transformers also offered on specific enquiries. The smaller ratings are generally of pole mounted type and higher ratings are designed for platform mounting. The cooling media is generally mineral oil. Silicone or Midel liquid for cooling is also offered if specified by the customer. The ransformers will generally comply to international standards (IEC 60076) or to any other standards specified by the customer. The technical parameters and tapping ranges etc are designed strictly as per client’s requirement .On specific requirement, instead of off circuit on load type tap changers can be provided in transformers of 1000 KVA and above rating.

200 KVA to 5000 KVA Voltage class upto 33 KVs