Testing & Inspection

Testing is one of the important functions of the transformer manufacturing activity. Based on the specific quality requirement and the working conditions of the transformer in the power system certain stringent tests are specified in the international standards (IEC60076) for transformers. The tests are classified under the 3 major categories namely Routine Type and Special tests. GTS is well equipped to carry out almost all tests except short circuit test.

GTS transformers are type tested at internationally reputed testing stations namely KEMA of Netherlands and CESI of Italy,

GTS has in house facilities to carry out other type test specified in IEC, like temperature rise, tan delta and Impulse test, GTS test lab has the most up dated version of the new generation Impulse Generator.

Routine tests are carried out to ensure that the transformers are manufactured to meet the customer specification and relevant standards based on which the transformers are designed and manufactured,

GTS offers complete transparency and facility to customer or to customers authorized representatives in case the customer intends to witness the tests and the same is agreed between the party’s at the time of signing the contract. As per customers or international standards the following tests are carried out on all the power and distribution transformers.